Dev Diary - Project 3: Brainstorming Ideas

Today in class, we were assigned our next project. To create a game in teams, which loads levels from ascii map or csvs files. It has to be on an android tablet and have a minimum of 50 levels.

As a team we began to brainstorm ideas. The obvious "dungeon crawler" game caught our minds and we went from there. The animation students were previously doing an assignment in the style of steampunk, which everyone agreed would also be good for this project. Then with the idea of steampunk in mind, we though that maybe each level could be on an airship, where the player needs to go around repairing them.

Except, that idea was scrapped.

Many of the other teams had brainstormed dungeon crawlers, and the lecturers weren't that enthusiastic about that sort of game. So from there we kept the steampunk idea and thought of a Thief style of game. Where the player would sneak around different houses, stealing goods to sell later on. It was generally accepted by the team, yet upon further talk about it we decided to take another approach.

We would keep the steampunk and stealthy stuff, yet change the different houses (levels) to one big level. The game would essentially be a metroidvania. The player is a robot who is trying to escape a robot factory. Along the way, different upgrades and tools can be found and all other systems that are associated with metroidvanias.