Dev Diary - Project 3: The Second Pitch

After our initial pitch, we were told that by the end of the day, we would be pitching our games again, based on the feedback. Since me and my team pretty much remade our game, we had to create a new pitch. 

Since the new game has a more solid grounding and a definitive start and end point to each level, it was much easier to talk about. With the previous game, it was just "sneak around and steal stuff". This one has 2 distinct stages, each giving the player different playstyles and options.

We also had images showing what the game would look like on the tablet. With our previous pitch, we had questions asking about the camera angle and presentation of the levels. The audience weren't able to picture the game in their head which is a problem. Having images representing the game though, fixes this and allowed us to show off the 2 different stages, planning and execution.

Overall, the pitch went well. Much better than our first one. Some of the feedback we got was:

  • Consider the game play time.
  • Have the player steal more sentimental valuables, rather than money.
  • Consider the planning stage.

It's quite open. There was no feedback directly criticising parts of the game, but feedback that wants parts of the game to be flushed out more. I don't really know how to put it into words. The game idea was deemed good and overall, people liked it. The scope was good, and other questions were generally asking if certain mechanics would be in the game. From the feedback we also got quite a few new ideas, like having some items affect the accomplice and maybe having the guards get suspicious if the player triggers too many distractions.

From here, we need to finalise the game idea and start working on the feature spec and tech spec.