Dev Diary - Project 3: Collaborating

This project was the first video game where we were assigned team members from other disciplines. We had six animators on our team, who helped out in creating the 3D voxel assets for the game. Later on in the project, we were contacted by audio students who helped out by creating music and sound effects for the game.

Working with the animation students...

Working with the animators was pretty good. Since we had them in our team from the very start, they were in our Discord and attended some of our meetings. We had an asset list of all the things we needed made and generally, they were on time. The models they made were of high quality and matched the requested colour palette. 

Their involvement in the project didn't end there. An animators workflow document was written up for them to follow, which explained how to set up SourceTree and how to import the models into Unity. This probably got them more comfortable with both software's and made the process of importing the models easier for us. With all the pushing and pulling from SourceTree, the animators didn't really mess up once. There were no un-merged, or disconnected branches from their side, which for us is great.

Working with the audio students...

Working with the audio students was similar to the animators. We had three audio people come in at around the end of the project, as it was great timing because we didn't really have much to do with sounds in the game.

They just asked what sort of theme we were going for with the music. Then we talked a bit about the sound effects we needed for the appliances. It was generally a quick conversation and they went on their way to produce them. With the audio people though, we didn't get them to do the whole SourceTree then Unity process as this was very last minute. If they were in the project from the beginning though, that would be the case and just like the animators, they would probably not dissapoint.