Hook is the Hook

Hook is the Hook, is my university final project which I worked on with a fellow student. The player is a grappling gladiator. They defeat enemies in unique and stylish ways, using their grappling hook, traps and other objects around the level.

Developed: June 2018 - December 2018

My Role: Systems design, programming, UI

Type: University Project (team of 2)


This project went through quite a bit of iteration and pivoting throughout its development. From the start though when we latched onto this idea, we knew that the central mechanic and essence of the game was going to be the grappling hook.

Everything had to support and encourage that mechanic in the game as that was the player’s means of defeating enemies and in some cases transport. Creating a systematic world for the player to use this tool was the goal. Various different traps, world objects, layouts of levels, etc. All on their own done nothing. Yet when mixed with each other and interacted with by the player, opened up new and different possibilities of gameplay.

The tagline of the game is about killing enemies in unique and stylish ways. So finding new ways to do so in the game, is important for the player’s progression.

More to come…