Gatho at 9:00 - Dev Diary #2


It's week 2 since the project began, and week 3 since uni started up again. Most of the documentation for the game has been completed, with an art bible and asset list still in the makes. Speaking of an art bible, i've been spending some time flushing out the visual look of the game. It will be 3D, low poly and set at night.

Here's an example image from the art bible, displaying the visual look of the shop scene. Dark, small, the sort of atmosphere you only visit for a short period of time. 

The images below show off the intended look for the driving scene. Dark roads, lit by street lights with no people around.


A prototype has also been started on. This will just feature the base mechanics of the game and all the essential elements that are required to sell the intended experience. The more time demanding features such as models, sound effects and complex lighting will not be made for the prototype for time sake. Although later on I do intend to return to this project and flesh it out into a finished product.

The above scene you see is of course the driving scene. You have to tap differing keys on the keyboard in time to make the car go faster, com


Also in the past week, I added a new scene to the game. This was done to make the existing actions seem less repetitive, and push the intended experience further. The point of failure in the game for the player, is disappointing their friends. So having this scene where the player needs to frantically reply to a message adds to that and instils the sense of fear and pressure to not fail. Like the other tasks in the game, this one requires speed, by having the player spam the keyboard to fill out the message.