Orbit Orb

Orbit Orb, is an infinite runner, reflex based mobile game. The focus on this project was monetisation and the ethics that follow as a developer. This was also a great learning experience for both implementation of ads and IAP, along with analytics and using that data to improve the game.


Developed: June 2018 - August 2018

My Role: Designer, Programming, UI

Type: University Project (team of 3)


This project was primarily about monetisation. We used various different methods of generating revenue in the game, while trying to keep ethically acceptable.


The game was designed in a way, so that players would want to watch ads, as they would receive benefits from them. The two sources of ads are as follow:

  • Revive: When players die, they can watch an ad (once per playthrough) to revive them self and continue from where they died. With the game being an infinite runner, players would want to get as far as they can. So watching a quick ad both benefits the player and us.
  • Unlock Abilities: The game has abilities which can be activated by latching onto an orb. These can be a rocket boost, gem multiplier and other benefits. In the store the player can unlock an ability to use straight away on their next run, just by watching an ad.

In-App Purchases

Although not currently in the game, we do have the ability for players to purchase the in-game currency, with real money. This allows those players who don't want to grind for a specific cosmetic, to get it instantly. Not affecting their gameplay.

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