Dev Diary - Project 3: Sound Effect Creation

For our game we have a variety of different interactables. TV's, washing machines, radios, etc. For all of those things, we need sound effects. Although not a necessity to the game, it does add polish and player feedback.


One of the sound effects that I made, was for the radio. We want short snippets that can be played upon tapping an interactable, so around 2 seconds is good.

For this effect I used 2 different clips. The first one, is turning on a radio with a bit of chatter, and the second one is white noise/static.

Like in movies when you hear people turn on a radio, sometimes there is that static noise before the music. This replicates it.

When I imported the clips though, the static was too loud and the chatter was too quiet. To fix that, I simply made the chatter louder and the static quieter. At the start of the chatter clip, there is a click noise which sounded good, so that was dragged forward and amplified so that it can be heard better. Also many parts of the chatter clip were cut or shortened so that the final clip included both the quick channel flick and foreign talking. This in turn, created a radio distraction sound effect.

Here it is, if you want to give it a listen.