Dev Diary - Project 3: Music Creation

Our game is a stealthy, strategy game. So for this, appropriate music is necessary. Something similar to James Bond or Mission Impossible but not as loud and impactful. This is a game where you are trying not to be seen, yet are constantly on edge as a guard can spot you at any time.


For the music creation, I used Bosca Ceoil. An tool which is very easy to use. The image above is of the overall arrangement of tracks. Each track is around 3 seconds long and you can choose an instrument and notes to play. These combined creates your song.


I used a drumkit, "magical" bass and a special digital synth or something. Many of the instruments are quite abstract and sound quite similar. 

For the tempo, it's quite quick yet slow at the same time. It creates that sense of suspense for the player, with the osculating beats. 

My only problem with the song is that it's quite repetative. If you're playing the game for a long period of time, then hearing the same 4 tracks over and over again might drill into your brain. This is due to me not spending a lot of time working on it, as well as the program's simplistic nature.

Anyway, here's the final song. It will be used for background music in the levels, hopefully creating the experience we're going for.

Implementation into Unity

The way we have our project set up, the menu and actual game are separate scenes. This means that the song can just be applied to an AudioSource in the game scene. So when you click on a level in the menu, it loads the game scene and the song is playing automatically.

In the GameManager game object, an AudioSource component was added. The music track was added as the audio clip and "loop" was enabled so that it keeps repeating as long as the level is open.