Kings of the Arena - Dev Blog #7

Alright, I start uni again tomorrow so this will probably be the last regular dev blog. I'm still going to be working on the project as i'm still enjoying it, just not as often. Now, onto the new features.


First, i've added a chat box to the lobby, so that players can talk about what they want to do for the game.

I saw that Photon has their own chat systems, yet for what i'm doing it just seemed to complicated. What I done, was just send an RPC to all clients when a user enters a message. It sends over their player name and message. 


Then I added pretty much the exact same chat system for in-game. It's similar to DOTA 2's chat system, where it's in the middle of the screen and disappears after a few seconds. 

That's pretty much it, apart from a few minor additions and changes to existing systems. From now, probably expect another dev blog in around a weeks time, or whenever I implement a major feature.