Kings of the Arena - Dev Blog #5

It's been almost a week since I've last done one of these. It's not because there's a lack of work being done, it's just that there are large features that are being worked on. So what has been happening? Well i've been doing a couple of play tests. A 5 player test with friends was interesting as the game held up and everything worked out fine.

I also worked on quite a bit of networking problems that occured during those tests, these mainly being synching issues.


A scoreboard was added, which displays player kills, deaths and ping. It also shows the game mode, current map and rules for the game mode.

One of the largest features I added since last time, is a menu with a lobby screen and lobby browser.

What you see in the above GIF, is a player creating a lobby, then switching the game mode for the game. Other players are joining the lobby and then the host starts the game. What I don't like about it though, is the way the teams are set up. When you join a lobby, you are automatically placed in a team and swapping teams can only be done if the conditions are right.

A better solution would be the way Shellshock: Live does it. They have a lobby like this, but each player can switch from no team, to a team. This would allow for people to easily trade teams with each other, rather than needing to leave and rejoin the lobby as it is now.


This here is the lobby browser. It displays all lobbies for players to join, along with their game mode and player count.