Hook is the hook (June 2018 - Dec 2018)

Hook is the Hook, is my university final project which I worked on with a fellow student. The player is a grappling gladiator. They defeat enemies in unique and stylish ways, using their grappling hook, traps and other objects around the level.

ORbit ORb (June 2018 - AUG 2018)

Orbit Orb, is an infinite runner, reflex based mobile game. The focus on this project was monetisation and the ethics that follow as a developer. This was also a great learning experience for both implementation of ads and IAP, along with analytics and using that data to improve the game.

Alien Burger Maker (June 2018 - AUG 2018)

Alien Burger Maker, is a VR game we made for Liminal VR. We were tasked to make a short, energetic, fast-paced experience which will make players feel energised and ready for their day. You are a chef in an alien burger resturant. Making odd and unique burgers for hungry aliens, before the planet's destruction.

nesting instinct (april 2018 - may 2018)

Nesting Instinct, is a game based around the idea of home. The player must leave their warm nest, going out into the dark and foreboding wilderness, in order to feed their hungry babies.

Gatho at 9:00 (FEBRUARY 2018 - march 2018)

Gatho at 9:00, is a fast paced game where you need to hastily prepare for your party that you've left to the last minute. Drive, pickup your mates, get supplies from the shop and make sure you don't disappoint your friends.

Promised Perjury (JANuary 2018)

Promised Perjury, is a game I made for the 48 hour, Make-A-Thing January 2018. Inspired by Papers, Please, you need to determine if various Kingdoms are truthfully offering their services, or trying to deceive you.

Kings of the arena (August 2017 - nov 2017)

Kings of the Arena, is an online multiplayer 2D hero-shooter, that I made during my uni break. You can choose from multiple characters, each with different abilities and play styles.

Country Car (October 2017)

Country Car, was a solo uni assignment where we had to recreate the 1982 Atari game, Barnstorming, in the style of an assigned artist. My artist was Edward Hopper, so I set the game in the 1930's, with the player being a car rather than a plane, trying to escape their city life to live out in the countryside. 

Janky Jousting (may 2017)

Janky Jousting, is a local multiplayer party game where you and another person joust to the death. This is a small solo project that I worked on over my uni break.

MERCHANT'S LEGACY (aug 2015 - april 2016)

Merchant's Legacy, is a game where you are in-charge of a medieval shop. You buy from suppliers, set prices and sell to the customers. The game also has a dynamic economy. With prices and demand for items changing overtime, as well as many other features. I worked on this project for 8 months, with it currently not being in production.



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